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Photo Tamer is a Professional Photography and Photo Archival business in Grand Blanc, Michigan. We work with clients to capture new memories through our photography services or preserve past memories through our archival and creative services. 







Are you Ready to digitize Your

Have you ever wished you could find that one picture but there are too many to search through?

Have you ever been distraught because your photos were damaged by natural disaster?

Most people have hundreds of print photographs of their family, friends and special events.  It is true that many of those photos still reside in shoeboxes, photo albums and in developed photo envelopes. 

It is an overwhelming and time consuming task to scan each and every photo without the proper equipment. 

That's where PhotoTamer can help.  We work with individuals to preserve, archive, restore and organize their print photographs so that they are protected for generations to come.

Do you have questions about preserving and digitizing your photos? I’m here to help!


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