Welcome to PhotoTamer

I am so excited to officially announce my new business venture; PhotoTamer!

PhotoTamer, is a photo archival business that will specialize in digitizing, restoring, protecting and organizing your most precious photos so they can be shared for generations to come.

So how did this all come about?

Over past several years I have spent many hours researching the history of my ancestral family tree.  From ancestry websites to government records, it was a lot of fun uncovering new facts from my families past (Did I mention I am related to the founder of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?).  While the information I uncovered helped tell the story, the pictures I found helped me experience a past I had not known existed.    I was drawn to these archived images but quickly became concerned about what might happen to all the albums, shoeboxes and folders of pictures that were scattered around my house. 

After some research and training, I began to assemble the tools to help me scan and preserve what appeared to be a MOUNTAIN of pictures.  With High Resolution Optical Scanners and Image Restoration Software in hand, I began.

First, I tackled 338 photographs from my Grandmother’s collection dating back to the late 1800’s. Next my attention turned to my photos. I scanned 5,654 personal photos and organized another 9,984 digital images that were recovered from various phones, drives and low grade CD’s. In total 15,638 photos are now safely stored on Gold Preservation Archival DVD’s, a portable hard drive for easy access, and in “the Cloud” so they are protected from any type of natural disaster (storms, fire, flood, etc.). 

Through this experience I developed an expert process and a mission to insure all pictures are freed from the shoebox so they can live on for generations to enjoy.  I would be honored if you would allow me to preserve, archive, restore and organize your timeless photographs.

I greatly appreciate your support and look forward to the opportunity to serve you soon!

God Bless!


Jill AndreskiComment