Organizing your photo collection

It is possible to organize and preserve that large collection of photos.

Have many photos do you have scattered throughout your home? 
If you are anything like me, the answer is thousands.

The easiest way to go about it is by
first gathering your photo collection into one location.  This includes print photos, albums, photo cd's and USB drives.

Your going to want to find an empty table for the second task. Start by grouping the photos into piles.  Are you going to group photos by year or occasion?

The third task will be the most labor intensive but less overwhelming if you think about one pile at a time.  As you sort through each pile, make descriptive notes on the back of the photo.  At this time, eliminate all duplicates, blurry pics and just plain bad shots. 

The objective is to  whittle down all the unnecessary photos so that you are left with only your favorite memories.

Lastly, let a PhotoTamer expert scan and preserve your photos.